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Cone worm gear reducer OFD-50T are used for Center Pivot Irrigation System.

Ratio: 50:1

Shaft Size: 2.25"

Seals: Triple Lipped

Cone worm gear reducer OFD-50T are the driving device for Irrigation Machinery.

It is used in middle axle driving irrigation equipment, linearity motion and tube kind irrigation equipment.

It adopts the worm gear and worm shaft to do the transmitting work.

Weight: 56 kgs

Torque Capacity: 54021 lb.-in

Input: 58.33rpm

Output: 1.17rpm

Meanwhile, we have other gearbox.  They are used for Agricultural equipment. Such as , for Tiller Drives, Finishing Mowers,Rotary Cutters, Rotary Slashers, Power Drivers,

Tree Cutters, Cotton Choppers, Post Hole Diggers, Feed Blenders, Potato Harvesters,

Pump Drives, Flail Mowers, Rock Pickers, Conveyors, Feed Grinders, Grain Dryers, Grain Loaders, Manure Spreaders, Hay Balers, Grain Augers, Rotary Hoes, Beet Equipments, Silo Equipments, Terrace Equipments, Fertilizer Spraders, etc.


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Is it moderate plane , motor transmission equipment is it produce house to specialize in to specialize in. Base production technology and occupation rate of market occupy first place in the world, in international power transmit

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